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Design vs Technology

For a couple of months now, I began thinking about reviving my digital portfolio and creating a simplistic site. The last time I updated my online portfolio was in 2011, and it wasn’t even a full site, but rather just words on the homepage that read, “CARLOS WILL BE COMING BACK SHORTLY. HE’S JUST UPDATING SOME STUFF.”, and below that was a link to my work in PDF format. The truth is, I never got a chance to come back. That PDF portfolio was all I had to show.

As I started to plan out this process of bringing back my portfolio online, I was coming up with ideas how I wanted it laid out, what pages I needed, browsing through my Freelance folders and external hard drives for my work, and how was I going to present the tiangcodesign brand. It was no easy task trying to sneak in the time to that along with my job, freelance work, shooting and editing my vlog, and family time.

IMG_9931-e1497765056220.jpgA couple of weeks ago when I was just about to start putting it all together. The worst thing that could happen did happen. I was editing a vlog in Adobe Premiere when out of nowhere, the screen of my MacBook Pro glitched and started to do some funky stuff. I thought I was just working my machine a little hard so I rebooted and started again. Everything was fine until I was back in Premiere when it did the funky, glitchy stuff again but this time, it rebooted all on its own. My instincts kicked in and I began backing up but in the middle of backing up one of the last folders, it rebooted, again. I unplugged my external and upon reboot, I looked to the almighty oracle of knowledge and Googled the symptoms. It turns out, my version of the MacBook Pro, early 2011, had a faulty layout of the logic board and GPU (video card) that Apple never fixed, but instead was just replacing the same logic boards without knowing how long it will go on until it happens again. BUT, the major kicker in this is that they had and extended warranty for this problem that ended in December 2016. WHAT???

In addition to that, the worst thing that could happen, happened again! I plugged in my external and it just sat there with a white blinking light marinating, chilling like it’s telling me not to wake it up from a nap. Turns out, it went corrupt, possibly from the failed logic board rebooting in mid-save mode. What did I have in there? A LOT! The past year and a half of photos, videos (raw vlog videos included), portfolio backups — you get the idea. Yup, all gone. Luckily, a backup of the latest Freelance folder from the drive was recovered, but that was it. I dug around my other portables and found older work. But whatever was on that brick is all gone now.

I now have a new computer. Currently working on stuff, and finally getting this portfolio up and running. I also started to save my backups to the cloud (found a good deal from Save often is what I tell people all the time. Now I’m adding save everywhere you can. Design and technology, can’t have one without the other. Just make sure everything is working properly.